Traditional forms are designed to email the form data on submission, this is how most form builders are setup & is NOT HIPAA compliant. If you configure your forms to save to a database instead of sending through email you still won’t be HIPAA compliant if that database is not encrypted & if you don’t have a BAA in place with your hosting provider. Even if you do get a BAA in place with your hosting provider, encrypt your forms & encrypt your database you still need to ensure that accessing the data is secured behind login protection AND ensure that it’s logged each time someone accesses it.

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to taking patient health information or “E-PHI” over online forms from a website, complying with all regulations except one means you’re still not HIPAA compliant. Fortunately our HIPAA Forms plugin & API service solves these complex compliance issues enabling you to take electronic health information over your website securely, easily & affordably.

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At Medic Forms, we provide a safe and secure HIPAA Compliant solution for online form submissions, password protected accessibility and fully encrypted storage. Our service is provided to health facilities and medical professionals to help their patients easily fill out the required forms including the ability to upload requested support documents and digital files such as PDFs or JPEGs. Digital signature capability is also available.

We meet or exceed all HIPAA requirements and alway monitor and adjust to new guidelines.


How to access your submitted forms


Medic Forms makes it easy for you, or your staff, to securely access the HIPAA Compliant, submitted forms through our custom portal.

Simply sign in with the login and password supplied.
Once you are logged in, on the left side you will see a title called HIPAA Forms.
Click on that link and the page will open to all your submitted forms.
Next to the name of each form submitted, there is a small clickable arrow. When activated, the completed form will be viewable online.

While viewing the completed form, you will have options available to administer the form.
You will have the ability to download any document files that might have been attached and included when the form was submitted.
This could be a photo ID, copy of driver’s license, proof of purchase, receipts or other requested support documents.

You also have the option to create a PDF to download on your local computer. Because this practice might not always be considered HIPAA compliant, a password of your choosing is required to create a PDF for added security. Subsequently, the PDF will only be openable with that password.

Other options are the ability to add a note to the form for future references, or, to archive the form for better storage organization.
There is even a history tab that will record each time this document is accessed and by whom.
Lastly, there are options to export all or portions of this form for localized storage.

All of your online forms are encrypted, secured and protected by all applicable HIPPA compliance guidelines.

At Medic Forms, our support technicians are always available to help you easily navigate the HIPAA Compliant system we provide.

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